Our Quality Policies

Hengchang Company Quality Management System is architected with a view of providing world class quilting and matrass making services and solutions to our customers, around the globe.

Our processes are appraised. Our quality management system is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Continuous improvement philosophy is inherent in our system and every opportunity that we service encompasses it.

Quality Assurance teams are the drivers in our quest for process excellence. They drive process improvement initiatives within the Organization by periodic monitoring and tracking.

Key parameters customer satisfaction are measured and monitored at regular monthly intervals through senior management reviews to ensure quality delivery.

The benefits our company experiences with this robust system are: Effective management of cost and resources.


Experience the assurance of a single strategic partner for your entire Product Life Cycle (PLC) by leveraging on our extensive manufacturing and testing facilities.

We take pride in our Vibrant Work Force, the colourful and energetic people who are the backbone of our organization. So, what better way to regard them than to name the program based on the "People First" policy of the company as hengchang. The hengchang initiative strives to put an effortless smile on the face of our associates by means of a superior level of 'Work-Life' quality & a higher state of 'ËśWell-Being'! The program holistically presents each of its associates with a vibrant work-environment, where creativity, collaboration, service-mentality and innovation thrives!

Hengchang quilting machine company success for the leaders is measured by the number of people he or she empowers and not by his or her power.

Our managers do not run around making decisions that one of their subordinates is capable of making. Our managers train and empower their reporting associates to make decisions. A great benefit of this is the fact that people feel good about themselves since they are making decisions and taking ownership. People who feel superb about themselves generate superb results.

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